Montgomery is a capital of Alabama it lies in the centre of the state. There is a Baptist church on Dexter Avenue in there the first activity are collected around the Martin Luther King, Jr. Nearby is the Civil Rights Memorial in memory because who gave their lives for the movement. There is the best place is Old Alabama Town with its 19th C houses, preserves something of the atmosphere of old Montgomery, once there is an important cotton market.

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The Beat is on in MGM: Montgomery is the heart of the city is beating strong again where the Montgomery, Alabama, the capital city of the American South. Where the Visitors can also pick up a Civil Heritage Trail brochure and research all the historical sites on foot or by car. All are change then other will become, then the Montgomery is quickly becoming a hot spot for the groups, shows, and meetings, and this is also for the family travel.

Birmingham Zoo (Birmingham): The Zoological Park is a home to more than 200 species and 800 individual animals are spread out over approximately 122 acres in Birmingham, Alabama there is a larger zoo and all types of animals are there and very beautiful place. Approximately 470,000 visitors come to the Birmingham zoo every year to watch the animals and to take advantage of the programs that the zoo makes available.

Gulf Quest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico: There is a simulator, interactive exhibits, displays and theatres in the Gulf Quest National Maritime Museum. You will must-see attraction there. It is the only museum in the world that dedicated to the economic, historical, and cultural significance of the Gulf of Mexico.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: This is a civil right institute and also this is an educational and cultural research centre.This is dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of civil rights developments in the area with an increasing move to emphasise the universal struggle for human rights. This Institute views past lessons as the key to defining our future.

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