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Three Famous Struggles of Alabama Civil Rights Movement

Alabama is the southeastern state of the United States. This state includes many cities, which were considered as the main sites during the American Civil War until World War II. After these wars, Alabama grew as the state’s economy in the 21st century and is based on different factors, like management, education, technology, health, retail, finance, and aerospace. Alabama was the main historical site of the American Civil Rights Movement. The main motive of this movement was to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans.

This struggle included several people, who were taking a stand against the federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Constitution and federal law. There are many protestors and struggles involved in this Alabama Civil Rights Movement, which are given below:


1) The Montgomery bus boycott: It was a political and social protest against the policy of racial segregation. This campaign started when Rosa Parks an American woman was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person. Many other protestors also took part in this boycott, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy.

2) The Greensboro sit-in: It is one of the famous nonviolent protests of this movement, which was held in the Greensboro, North Carolina. This protest is also against the policy of racial segregation in the southern United States. This site is now known as the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.


3) March on Washington: It is one of the famous political rallies for human rights in the U.S history. The protestors of this struggle demanded the civil and economic rights for the African American peoples. Thousands of the protestors participate in this event to end the racism.

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