Alabama has wonderful and awesome attractions. There many sites for an enjoyable vacation from its mountains and every beach to its Gulf Coast. Alabama also has golf, beaches, rich natural wildlife, hunting and fishing, boating, their arts and a history to experience here. Miles of the tourists coming here every year and make wonderful memory there.

Tourists will like to come here and also like to go shopping, dining, and their entertainment. Alabama has many spacious outlet centers, International class malls, and antiques’ stores for the shopping. There is much Attraction in Alabama for visiting and people have a dream to see that attractive places then any visitor come here then they will see many attractive places in Alabama.

The Gulf Coast in Alabama is known for its 32 miles of beaches, playgrounds and theme parks, this is the beautiful place for relaxation, fun, and adventure. In there the white-sand beaches and gorgeous sunsets you will never want to leave and to enjoy this beautiful view. The sand is made from the quartz grains that have been washed down over the many of years from the Appalachian Mountains.

Alabama hotels are the inexpensive and more affordable accommodations that will also in budget. The services of the hotel are very comfortable and very commendable. There are many options for you for the classy accommodations in their five-star hotels. When you have to stay there then definitely live a luxurious life there.


Birmingham traverses are the wealthy wooded Appalachian Mountains’ foothills it will entertain the tourist and its Southern part attracts the vacationers. In this place was surrounded by the stories of events of the African American people.

Montgomery is the civil rights movement’s center where the guests are coming here and see the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, the capital of the state. They will also see the First Confederacy White House or Rosa Parks Library and Museum. This is the beautiful part of the Alabama Attractions.


There Museum is very beautiful and people are coming to forsee the museum and their arts.Where many places are to see in Alabama that is the Sports Hall of Fame in Alabama, the Jazz Hall of Fame in Alabama, their pretty arts museum, the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens, the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, and much, ore places are attractive there.

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