Alabama is the capital city of U.S State, there are lots of attractions are available and, any places to visit. Thousands of the visitor are come here every year and enjoy there all attractions and make their trip unforgettable. Like most of the Southern States, Alabama has a rich history, natural beauty and mix of the cultural traditions. With a rich history, the state is truly beautiful with the many natural and man-made attractions distributed all over the state. If you are planning to visit Alabama then, do take the time to visit these top must-see Alabama Attractions at least once. When you have come here then definitely you have to make the lifetime memories here and enjoy your trip with the full of their happiness and joy.

Here we have some top rated Things To Do In Alabama that are explained below:

Mobile History Museum:Alabama to appreciate what the Mobile History Museum has to offer. It houses has a number of exhibits in which including some are permanent and others that come and go. The main focus of the museum is on education, and there are tours available on an ongoing basis, as well as outreach programs and resources for educators.Some are a permanent display in which included the community gallery, used to highlight artist in the local area and the Faces of Mobile Exhibit. Some of the people who have been instrumental in the development of the area over the past three centuries.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: Alabama absolutely was a hotspot of the civil rights activities in the 1950s and 1960s, so it is convenient that there is a civil rights Institute available in Birmingham. This Institute was established in 1992, this shows the struggles of the American civil rights movement.You can also walk through the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in the inside, this is the self-guided journey, meant to provide a positive outlook for the future. Now, it is home to the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition, let your motto be resistance.If you want to know more about Alabama then you have to visit the VisitMontgomery Site there described the all information about the Alabama and Alabama Attractions. You can also visit that site and know about the Alabama and their attractive places.