Alabama is a state that has many names like Yellowhammer State after the state bird, the Cotton State and the Heart of Dixie. Alabama is the best and good place to indulge in water activities. The 22nd state also enjoys their arts, culture and entertainment scene. There are many beautiful places for visiting where thousands of the visitor are come every year and enjoyed the beauty of these places.

Alabama has awesome attractions and sites for an enjoyable vacation from its mountains in the north to every beach to its Gulf Coast. This city also has golf, rich natural wildlife, beaches, hunting and fishing and a history to experience here. These cities have featured a lot of tourist spots. In Alabama, we will attract the many things and also want to see and also there are much that things we will do there when you will find there are a many Things to do in Alabama.

There are many Places to visit in Alabama, where the tourists also visiting this wonderful city that is following:

Dauphin Island: In Alabama, the Dauphin Island, off the coast of Mobile and this is the rest stop on the way from South America if you’re a migratory bird. The Dauphin Island is generally first land birds see as they journey north. There are lots of bird sanctuaries on the island, The Dauphin of France, island beaches feature spectacular sunset.


Noccalula Falls Park: The Romantic tragedy creep below the waters of Noccalula Falls Park. According to the legend, instead of marrying the rich chief who wants her father, she chose to jump over the 90-foot falls on her wedding day. In this place, You will also see a nine-foot-tall statue of her at the falls that drop into the Black Creek ravine. There is also beauty and the 25,000 azalea plants in this Gadsden park. When you will come camping here then you can stroll the park’s paved hiking trail also your kids play at the petting zoo and visit Pioneer Village to learn about the past.

Montgomery: Alabama is a capital of the Montgomery this city also has a notable history. There is a Rosa Parks who really made it famous. African-American woman name civil rights history in 1965, she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. Today, Montgomery on the Alabama River is noted for its plentiful parks, skyscrapers and most of the best art scenes for cities in the United States.


Orange Beach: Orange Beach is a resort city. It has 5,500 residents on Alabama’s Gulf Coast border with Florida. Orange Beach is one of the best places to visit in Alabama if you want to chill out, perhaps staying in beachfront housing and playing a little basketball or tennis at a rec center if you get tired of water activities these all are you do in this city. Also, you will visit the Orange Beach Islands.

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