Montgomery is the capital of Alabama. It lies in the centre of the state on the east bank of the Alabama River. It is the southern state of the southern states and also that is rich in the history. In there a thousand of the visitor can come here on the vacations.They all enjoy their history and also enjoy their beautiful and awesome attractions. Also, these are the popular stopovers of tourists visiting this wonderful city.

When you have to come here then also visit their attractions, some of the Alabama Attractions that are the explained below:

First White House of the Confederacy: This white house is the first white house of the confederation was the Jefferson Davis and his family after he was initiated in 1861 in Montgomery. It was moved 10 blocks to its present location in 1921 and then restored and the house features double parlour and a library.

Alabama Gulf Course Vacation: this is one of the most awesome places to visit. Alabama gives the wonderful experience in this place. In their Gulf also has the white sands with sparkling turquoise Gulf waters. You will also build the white sand castles with your children or enjoy. You will also experience adventures activities there like fishing, boating, hiking on wild trails together with the shorebirds and many more.

Civil Rights Memorial: The Best is in Alabama in Attraction is the civil rights memorials are also remembered those who died during the civil right moment. This is made of the winding with the black granite wall with the words that are “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream” coiled across. The below of the wall is a black granite disc, with the water flowing over the surface and also write the names of those persons who were killed in this and the memorial is located in an open area next to the Civil Rights Memorial Center.

Ava Maria Grotto: This is the most popular miniature of the world’s religious building. This is made by a single-minded monk.Ava Maria Grotto is the religious place where people worship. Also, there was a time that is destroyed and then this is restored by the young ones to see these structures again.

There is more attractive in Alabama, and many are preserved, here are some of them :
- Museum of wonder
- Pest Control Exhibit
- Racist Hellhounds Sculpture
- Rock Animal Zoo
- Spear Hunting Museum
- Statue of Liberty Replica
- Vulcan Iron Man
- Whiskey Bottle Tombstone
- World’s Largest Chair Contender

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