When you have to go in Alabama then, there are many local attractions like parks, theatre, museums and all and also conduct their many events. There are many attractive places all people have to dream to see these places and there attractions and enjoy that place of beauty. Firstly you will come here then search that which places are best in Alabama and what things are to do in Alabama. When you are go there, then also you will things to do in Alabama and make a memorable trip.

We have some Amazing things to do in Alabama that are following:

Alabama State Capitol:
The Alabama State Capitol is placed in Montgomery, the state capitol building is open to the public Monday through Saturday. In Alabama, Self-guided tours are available from 9-4. You also have to keep in mind that the capitol building will be closed on all state holidays.

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic: The Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic is a festival featuring music, vendors and hot air balloons. This event is free and takes place in Decatur every Memorial Day Weekend when you go there then you will also enjoy their events.

Gulf Shores: If you catch some rays in a beautiful setting, look no further than Gulf Shores, Alabama. Where the Gulf Shores has some of the prettiest beaches and of course free to the public anyone can come here and enjoy there. Just grab a towel and a beach chair when you’re go there.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens: when you have to interest in the gardens and you like the natural beauty then this is the best place. You will also learn from there all about different types of plants and wildlife while you tour these beautiful gardens. The Botanical Gardens is open from dawn to dusk and also you will enjoy there natural beauty.

Camping: The Camping is the best Things To Do In Alabama. The Camping is a fun and free activity for the entire family specially for the kids. In the Alabama city there are many parks offer free camping, so be sure to check into that.

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