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Alabama is the state which is located in the southeastern region of the United States. This place is very much famous because of its local attractions, like national parks, historical sites, and beaches. This state also offers many accommodations, like hotels, condos, rental homes, and lodges. This place also includes many historical sites, in which visitors can plan an educational trip for the children. This place also includes many beaches, in which you can get the experience of various activities, including boating, kayaking, fishing, and many other watersport activities.


In Alabama, you will find various historical places which are related to the Civil Rights Era. Alabama Civil Rights Movement happened between the year 1954 until 1968. This movement includes various nonviolent campaigns, which were mainly organized to end racial segregation, discrimination in the United States. Montgomery Bus Boycott was considered as one of the most defining events of the Civil rights Movement, in which a female passenger Rosa Parks’s refusal to give her seat to a white man. This event is just the beginning of this movement. After this number of protest was organized, like bombings in Birmingham, Protest led by Martin Luther King, and the pivotal march. All these protests were made help to end racial discrimination in the state.

Whenever you will make a plan to visit in Alabama, then please first check all the historical places with the help of the website This website will provide you all the described information on Albany ga attractions and its historical facts. You can also check the accommodation facilities which are available nearby these attractions. If you have any doubt regarding the attractions or you wanted to get any other information then please contact them. They will surely help you to find the best places according to your vacation plan.

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