Alabama is a southeastern U.S State.The Alabama is not a state that is generally associated with tourists; but if you visit, you will see how much this state has to offer, that many people are missing out on. In all directions of the Alabama has the most incredible attractions, also thousands of the visitor comes here every year and enjoy all attractions. You can pick up their tourist attractions and places to explore and enjoy in Huntsville and northern Alabama is for the out-of-Towner and the local resident. Are you having out-of-town guests for the weekend? You can entertain Huntsville and north Alabama attractions, also you can pick of the best local tourist attractions and sightseeing in and near Huntsville.

The most famous and incredible huntsville and North Alabama Tourist Attractions are explained below:

U. S. Space and Rocket Center: This is a must-see for the first-time visitors to Huntsville. There are not all cities that can put on such a display as the big Saturn V Rocket standing outside the Space Museum. For the more adventure most of the tourist with a few days or a week to spare, a residency at Space Camp will always be a fond memory.

Huntsville/Medison County Botanical Garden: The Botanical Garden has a very special features all year round. May and October are the best months for viewing the flowers and plants and enjoy there netural beauty. The December is the Galaxy of Lights has won many awards for tourism in the Southeast.

Alabama Constitution Village: Since the Alabama Constitution was signed in Huntsville in 1819, it is only fitting that a whole village has sprung up to illustrate the life of Huntsville during the early 1800's. Where the EarlyWorks Children Museum, Historic Huntsville Depot, and the Humphrey-Rodgers House are all located downtown and make up the EarlyWorks Museum Complex.


Weeden House Museum: Maria Howard Weeden House was known worldwide for her paintings of black people. Her drawings were used for the costumes for captives in “Gone With the Wind.” Also, her Federal-style home isone of the oldest in Huntsville.

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