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3 Incredible Places To Visit In Alabama

Alabama is often overlooked as the best tourist destination, as this place includes many natural attractions and historical sites. Alabama is the state, which is known for its best hospitality with the help of restaurants, luxurious hotels, and adventure parks. This place also organizes several events or festivals for the residents, in which they can spend some memorable time with their family.

Some top-rated Places To Visit In Alabama that are explained below:

1) Gulf Shores: Gulf Shores is one of the most popular destinations of Alabama. This city includes several white sand beaches, trails and a pier, golf courses, and many more. This city is called the resort city, and it also has many local restaurants, which will offer you a wide variety of seafood. This place also organizes several events and tournaments for the travellers, like concerts, golf course tournament, and many other beach activities.

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2) Little River Canyon National Preserve: Little River Canyon National Preserve located on the top of Lookout Mountain. This place offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors, like waterfalls, Forested uplands, pools, boulders, and sandstone cliffs. This preserve includes many Beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking overlooks, wooded trails, and peaceful picnic areas, in which visitors can experience the natural resources and cultural heritage of the preserve.


3) Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: This institute is considered the most historic site, which represents the key events of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. It includes several galleries, which features exhibits on a variety of topics from violent conflict to segregation.

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